Monday, 12 March 2012

Textile Graffiti for International Women's day 2012


The afternoon of March 7th our planned action day was incredibly blustery, and i personally got blown off a pavement and soaked! I was anxious that the event would be a wash out, but karma was on our side, and the evening dried up and was mild enough that we could get cracking with our Textile Graffiti.

Every year since the Stoke Newington WI was formed, there has been some kind of action around Albion parade to celebrate International women's day. It began with giant knitting and the "Yarn-bombing" of one of the trees in Albion Parade. Last year's Pom Pom's even made it into the guardian, having been spotted by the journalist Suzanne Moore as she passed by on a bus!
This year had a more "fabric" themed action, so we renamed it "Textile Graffiti" Our February meeting was spent making over 35 fabric and upcycled plastic rings. And we also made 20 Suffragette Rosettes.
On March 7th, armed with a couple of ladders, and lots of enthusiasm, we strung up one of the trees on albion parade with our suffragette coloured rings.
Not only was there tree decorating, but we marked the occasion with some Suffragette songs too!
Thanks to all the lovely ladies that came along on the night, and thanks also to the ladies at february's meeting for put together all the fabulous wreaths and rosettes.
We were lucky enough to have 2 ladies visit from other North London WI groups. Amy from N1WI who kindly took all of these lovely pics, and Yvette from the very new Stroud Green WI group

Here's the Textile Graffiti Gang!

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