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April Meeting- 16/4/2012. Green fashion- how to look stylish without costing the earth

Green fashion- Looking stylish without costing the earth! 
Please note that this session is on April 16th, not our usual second monday of the month, due to the easter Holidays

Ethical and green fashion is hot amongst celebrities right now. Livia Firth is championing the cause with her green carpet challenge,  and many designers are jumping on the band-wagon. Brilliant news! but not all of us can order a John ford outfit, so where does that leave us mere mortals?
Long before it was hot to wear ethical and sustainable fashion Veronica Crespi was at the forefront of the "Slow Fashion" movement.
Veronica is a style and fashion consultant, with a quintessential Italian flair who set up ReWardrobe in 2009.
Veronica has a background in Design and Styling and she understands colour, textiles and fashion trends
At Rewardrobe, Veronica offers all the services of a traditional Image Consultant: advice on colour, personal style, wardrobe organisation, suitable outfits for business or special occasions, personal shopping – as well as Style and Slow Fashion workshops for small groups. But she has also made Slow Fashion the focus of her work, advising clients on how to link sustainability with style.
Think green fashion means no style? Veronica will be sharing tips on how to look on trend, whilst upcycling and re-working what you already have in your wardrobe.
She'll be doing a mini style surgery, so if there's something in your wardrobe that doesn't work or you just don't wear, do bring it along.
Here's some of the wardrobe tips and tricks experienced stylist Veronica will be sharing with us-

Donate - There are plenty of organisations that collect clothes for a specific purpose. 
Sell - Most of us have a few items that have barely seen the light of day. Some impulse buys have either been worn once or twice, or not at all! These practically new items can be sold on, freeing up a little cash in our budget
Upcycle - You may have a few items that are not fitting at the moment, but whose fabric or print you still love, or have a sentimental attachment to. Rewardrobe has teamed up with some talented designers, that accept commissions to transform your pieces into new creations of customised design. Alternatively, if you are happy to donate your unwanted pieces to them, they'll be happy to incorporate them into their own designs, thus prolonging the lifespan of the material and continuing our mission of sustainable fashion with style!
She's even got a supplier for eco hangers!
This month it's free for members to attend and there's our usual £4 fee for visitors,  do remember to grab a drink from the bar on the way in.

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