Friday, 17 February 2012

Fabulous February's Rings and Rosettes for International Women's day


February's meeting was Monday 13th Feb at our regular meeting place upstairs at the Prince Pub. We had asked for ladies to bring old fabrics and carrier bags in the colours of the suffragette movement- Purple White and Green. The response was over whelming and joined by members of the Stroud WI and N1 WI we made over 25 wreath rings and 14 rosettes!

We started with a mount of bags, wire hangers and fabrics including old dyed sheets, unwearable clothes and scraps. We set upon the piles below with scissors and pliers and got to work.

So, as they say a picture tells a 1000 words...

The rings will be used for our annual International Women's day action in March. We'll be posting/e mailing about that event next week, so watch this space. 

This year's IWD event will now be called TEXTILE GRAFFITTI and we're hoping that the event will be a combined Mega-WI meeting with lots of other North London groups joining us

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