Tuesday, 9 October 2012

We love our breasts!

October's meeting was all about 'loving our breasts'.  In a room festooned with 'bra bunting' our lovely new WI member and GP, Zoe, taught us how to check our breasts for lumps as well as what other signs to look out for on our breasts that might indicate a health problem. We all learned something new and the neighbours close by to The Prince must have thought it an odd sight when 30 women all stood up and felt their breasts in unison! 

Next Sue demonstrated the knitted 'Boobie Beanie Hat' using a teddy as her baby. It's a hat that looks like a breast to be worn by a baby while breast-feeding. Funny and confusing! Patterns or knitted hats are available frombabypdesigns.etsy.com

Rosanne from Rosa's Lingerie shop in Stoke Newington Church Street then demonstrated on a couple of 'volunteers' the mind-boggling differences that wearing a correctly fitted bra or a different design of bra can make. With special thanks to our members Anna and Lis who were such brilliant models, again giving the neighbours something to talk about!

We collected a whole Bra Bin full of unwanted bras for charity, and there was plenty of time afterwards for catching up with old members and meeting new ones.....all in all an informative yet important night for Stokey WI. 

November will be something crafty, so watch this space......

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