Sunday, 21 October 2012

Quilt love- sewing for others!

The book Quilt Love is a book about telling stories.  Telling stories about people, places and the times you’ve loved, with fabric, patterns and colour. It isn’t fussy or formal, but it aims to give you the skills and confidence to create objects for your home that tell the story of your life and your personality. 

Would you like to take part in a project running this autumn? - You Don’t Know Them, But You Know They Need It.

We’ve all known people who are down on their luck, who are cold or lonely or forgotten, but it’s not often that we know quite how to help them. One way to make a difference is with a quilt featured in the book Quilt love, based on the idea that You Don’t Know Them, But You Know They Need It. It can be made from leftover pieces of fabric and doesn’t require any quilting experience. With the help of a few friends you can put it together in an afternoon and make a real difference to someone in need. 

Whether it’s contributing pieces of fabric or getting together to make a whole quilt, you can decide exactly how you want to get involved.

There's a drop-in ‘making‘ event happening soon if you'd like to help to put together quilts.

      Raystitch, Islington,  London - Monday 29th October from 10am-10pm
If you'd like to go along, book a space by contacting Raystitch on 020 7704 1060 or

If you can’t make it to the event, you can still be involved by sending your fabric swatches to the author  at: Studio, Cassandra Ellis, 44 Crofton Road, London, SE5 8NB. Or if anyone would like to donate blankets or larger volumes of cloth, they just need to get in touch.

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