Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Love Your Library!

What a cosy and productive evening we had in The Londesborough last night! All the ladies were exercising their sewing prowess with slip stitches and chain stitches a go go! Thanks to CL and all her amazing yarns, fabrics, templates and top tips! We created a wonderful string of bunting with the words 'Love Your Library' to adorn Stoke Newington Library on Stoke Newington Church Street this Friday. We signed a petition and all filled in postcards to send to the government in a bid to save our local libraries. If you would like to sign the petition please follow this link. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/1269

Here is more information from the NFWI.

Carry your library card with pride!
At the heart of the campaign is the belief that libraries are essential resources that are too important to risk losing. That's why we're calling on every member that cares about public libraries to take the simple first step of joining your local library and getting to know your local librarians.

Sign the petition!
Before the last election, the Prime minister, David Cameron MP said he planned to introduce a scheme whereby any petition that raised 100,000 signatures would trigger a debate in the House of Commons. The NFWI wants to call on the PM to honour this commitment and we'd like to see every member sign our petition with their family and friends to demonstrate just how much the WI really values our libraries.

Write to your councillors Individuals and WI groups can make an impact. Please use the information in the campaign briefing,  to write to your local councillor highlighting the Love Your Library campaign, and expressing the importance of libraries to your local community.

Do remember to localise your letter - if you know that libraries are under threat then please do incorporate this information, and any feedback from members about the impact service reductions would have on them

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