Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Love your libraries campaign day sept 16th

Last friday September 16th was the WI birthday campaign " Love your Libraries"
To mark the occasion, a small crack team of stokey wi ladies landed at the Stoke Newington Library armed with our library cards and some unique "Love Your Libraries" Bunting...

Here are 3 of the Stoke Newington WI ladies checking out books today as part of The "Love Your Libraries" campaign

Our Lovely "Love Your Libraries" bunting made as a group on monday at a local pub. This bunting will soon be displayed inside the Stoke Newington Library

The Love Your Libraries Bunting was created in a bar with a selection of fabrics and threads brought along by our members

Our Lovely secretary Georgie outside the library with our group's bunting

Thankfully for all Hackney Wi members, hackney council are not cutting any library services and are committed to provide an excellent service to all hackney residents. They have provided us with the most up to date news about the hackney library service below

Hackney Libraries

10 key facts and figures for Hackney residents

1. Hackney Council is keeping all eight of its libraries open and has a budget of around £8.1m in 2011/12 for its library and archives service.

2. As part of this budget, there will be no front line cuts to the services the Council provides to residents.

3. Hackney Council has been investing in libraries to provide a first class service for the people of Hackney.

4. Councillor Jonathan McShane, Cabinet Member for Community Services said: “I’m delighted to be able to announce that Hackney Council is keeping all its eight libraries open. We will also continue to offer some of the longest library opening hours in the country. We are committed to investing and improving the service which is why we have agreed a budget of around £8.1 million this year.

5. The Council is committed to improving the service and soon every library will have Wifi and more reference materials available online. The Council is also looking into the provision of out of hours book drops at libraries.

6. In the last year, for the first time ever, there have been more than 1.5 million visits to Hackney's libraries, and membership is increasing too.

7. Dalston C.L.R. James Library and Archives will be one of the largest in the UK to open in 2011, and the first to be built in Hackney for over 20 years.

8. Clapton Library has been refurbished offering customers a modern comfortable environment within a superb listed building.

9. Woodberry Down library is an excellent example of a community run library. Already twenty eight volunteers have found work, several of them with the council’s library service.

10. Not only can you borrow books, DVDs and CDs from your local Hackney library, you can use a PC or study, search for jobs, develop your skills and find information about a myriad of subjects – and all free.


  1. Wow!! Really an amazing library camping day. Hope everyone day had a great time there. Never been to such event but planning to visit if will get any chance. Recently had attended an office event at one of venues in Chicago where enjoyed a lot as got best arrangements to see.