Monday, 13 June 2016

Please Note

Welcome to join us - come along at 8pm DOWNSTAIRS to left of bar moving upstairs at 8.30

Why wait till winter to start your next yarn craft projects...

Join us this month for a relaxed craft workshop and learn how to make fun, funky and chunky t-shirt yarn.

How to make t-shirt yarn:
Sure you could buy it ready made, but all you need is a pair of scissors and a t-shirt preferably without seams on the sides.

And making your own is a great way to recycle old fabric into something useful and beautiful such as fashion accessories and home furnishings using large crochet or knitting needles sized 12mm+.


Look forward to seeing you tomorrow Monday 13 June, 20:00 at The Prince

Stoke Newington WI

Only £18.85 to join for the rest of year Free for members £5 for visitors.

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