Sunday, 15 June 2014

Charity Tea a great success

The Bee & Tea Charity Tea last Saturday went really well, we managed to raise £500 for the Refugee Women's Association
based in Dalston Hackney and had 40 guests for tea. Cath & John played beautiful live piano and violin which wafted out the windows onto the patio where people sat in the sun drinking their tea and eating delicious cakes and sandwiches prepared by the stokey WI volunteers.

A Fab occassion and thanks to all who helped, and made it as I know how busy Londoners are and how many different events there were going on that Saturday including the Stokey Literary festival.

Thank you to the Stokey WI ladies who cooked such delicious cakes including chocolate and guiness cake, ginger cupcakes, coffee cakes, marmalade cake, teacake and helped out with serving teas on the day Bridget :)

Look forward to another successful Charity Tea in aid of the refugee women's Association ">

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