Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Save Stokey WI!- An update after our 2013 AGM

Stokey WI is your WI, and it can't be fabulous if no-one helps  to run it!

We do still need your help!

3 members stood for the formal committee roles, which has enabled the group  to continue.

We did have several members volunteer to help out on an ad-hoc basis with door meeting and greeting and small roles that need doing at every event

We didn't however get anyone to stand as deputies for the 3 formal roles, which means there is still a big workload for those 3 individuals. If we can't find volunteers to share the workload of the Secretary, President and Treasurer we are still in danger of closure if any of those members resign. 

We'd like some people to volunteer to write stuff for blog and social media.

We'd  still like a couple of volunteer Photographers who will take pics at each event and get them to the website co-ordinator, although as yet we don't have a volunteer to be a blog co-ordinator!

If you're interested in helping out with the running of this group do drop us an email stating how you'd like to help, or make suggestions on events you'd like to see?

We will be making the annual Secretary and financial reports available soon

CL Hardie- Secretary Stokey WI

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