Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ready, Aim, Shoot!

August's meeting- 'Ready, aim, shoot'
Take your photography to the next level. Learn some tips on lots of things from low light, composition and portraiture from a seasoned photographer. There will be practical bits, taking photos and being the subject and learning about your camera (or camera phone). It will be fun and giggles with the learning!   So, please bring your compact camera or camera phone and be ready to get the best out of your photography.

Catherine is a talented photographer who has shot an number of weddings and fashion shoots, she is passionate about portraiture and that everyone can take, and be in a great photo.  Also that it does not take lots of equipment to produce good photos.

Catherine is a fellow WI Sister, from new group Gothic Valley WI, and we're super excited that she's coming along to share her tips and tricks for excellent pics! You can read her top 6 tips here

This is a free meeting for members, and there's a £5 fee for visitors

Claire-Louise Hardie- Secretary SNWI

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