Friday, 9 December 2011

Roll up Roll Up For the Great Stokey WI Christmas raffle


We are so excited that so many Stokey businesses have donated some great prizes for both the pass the parcel and the raffle on monday! It really has been overwhelming how generous our business neighbours have been.

So the raffle......

There are 6 fabulous prizes, tickets are 50 p each and you can buy up to ten! These items are in no particular value order, so we've given them names

The Kent Prize-

Donated by a local artist Beyond Thrilled this very covetable local themed print is brilliant. We may not get this colour, but all the prints are a similar theme. If you don't win this great print, then you can always buy one here

The Sussex Prize
Local Hotel Avo have donated a ticket for a Coca club Cocktail launch party on Dec 15th. How can the delicious combination of chocolate, cocktails and deserts be anything but sublime!

The Hertfordshire prize
Pictures and light who don't have their own website, are a fabulous secondhand shop selling mostly Pictures and lights!

They are located on 41 Stoke Newington Church Street, and they've Donated a lovely vintage rabbit night light. If you fancy sourcing some pre-loved Christmas Gifts then why not pop in?
Give them a buzz on 020 7923 7923

The Bedfordshire prize
Metal crumble make delicious and unusual jewellry. We're really excited that they are making something especially for this raffle! You'll have to come along on monday to see it though...
This is one of their lovely designs

The Gloucester Prize
Local Turkish Cafe Dervish have donated us one of their generous sized free breakfasts - 

Read their great reviews here

The Essex Prize
A signed copy of Scandilicious by Signe Johansen. This is a delightful book on cooking in scandinavian style, and has been the top cook book of the year in the guardian

However if you don't win a raffle prize then don't be dissapointed! We have a pass the parcel prize for everyone, some are fabulous, some are fun and some are well booby prizes. So wether or not it's  a sprout or a painting, we'll all be winners on monday! 

The Booby prize?

To attend our night of Christmas sparkle and 40's cheer, please register using the button below

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