Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A stitch in time...

It was great to see you all last Monday at the tea rooms, and what a fantastic evening it was! A massive thank you to Claire-Louise, aka 'The Thrifty Stitcher'who hosted a wonderful evening of dress making and sewing tips!

It was a really informative and interesting evening. She was a fountain of knowledge with plenty of information on how to cut fabric to fit your figure and shape perfectly and where to start with vintage patterns. There was a helpful handout giving loads of websites and shops where you could source different materials and equipment which could help you on your way. Loads of really interesting stuff too- I didn’t know your sewing machine needle needs replacing, on average, after 8 hours of sewing. Mine will definitely need replacing after 8 years then!

Claire- Louise also does private and group lessons see which I will be sure to check out. It would be great for a birthday or a special occasion with a group of friends.

Thanks again Claire-Louise and I will definitely be getting my hands on one of those vintage inspired Collete patterns.

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