Saturday, 26 March 2011

Vintage glamour for Stokey ladies

Last night we all went to Stroll on Church Street for a talk on vintage clothing. The owner Hoana gave us a really insightful and interesting talk on clothes from the thirties to the recent ‘vintage’ of late 80’s early 90’s. It was so great to see so many remarkable and unique pieces.  She started off with showing us a stunning 1930’s dress beautifully embellished with a detailed pattern and highlighted the workmanship and skill that goes into making such a garment.
The forties examples (I admit my favourite!) were two beautiful American tea dresses made from silk and rayon.  The patterns were exquisite and I was dying to try them on… the glamour and romance of the 1940’s could really be experienced through looking at these wonderful clothes and could just imagine being swept away by a handsome GI by the promise of some chocolate and some stockings!

The fifties dresses were again beautiful and classic. One of them being a ‘wiggle’ dress made from pure silk, which was cut so that it would flatter any figure. The sixties very classically 60’s with a short dress from BIba- which I know Kate our president had her eye on at the end of the night.

The seventies was an ‘Ossie Clark’ which was worth around £300- so well worth digging out your loft and seeing what you’ve got hiding up there.
All in all it was a brilliant evening. I definitely feel that I’ve learnt a lot about sourcing vintage clothes and what garments are worth money and ones that are not. I am quite passionate about vintage and believe that you are buying not only something to wear but something special and unique.

Many thanks Hoana and will be definitely seeing you soon!

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